This site exists to connect those in need of video services with an experienced and award-winning filmmaker. I enjoy creating films with a purpose for non-profits, small business, and individuals. I work with budgets that most other filmmakers with my years of experience would scoff at as I recognize the importance of professional-quality video services for organizations of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their own resources to create meaningful content.

This page also exists to showcase some of my other artistic endeavors as well, which you are welcome to peruse.

I work for myself and have the skill set to fill multiple positions simultaneously to keep costs low. If additional creatives are required I have a network of other film professionals on hand as needed. I/We can handle all of your production needs, from conception of ideas and delivery of concepts, to organizing shoots and filming content, and finally through editing and the other areas of post-production.

Here is a sample of normal rates (each project is different due to project parameters but this is a good starting point):
Joshua Samson-Mishu Films Rate Sheet

If you are in need of video work please take a look at some of the examples of projects on this site and get a hold of me with any questions.