Sample Work

The following is just a small sample of the variance of work I find myself called to do (with brief descriptions beneath):

A promo piece for a Tread Lightly clean up in conjunction with Trash No Land in Oregon.

Another Tread Lightly piece about shooting damage to rock art in Utah.

A fundraising piece for Noble Horse Sanctuary.

A trailer for a documentary recently finished.

This piece was created for the YWCA for a fundraising event.

A short documentary about the 1904 Marathon and the tribulations faced by the runners.

This piece was made for Easter Seals and explains what Sensory processing Disorder is in the words of a young boy who has SPD.

This is a promo piece for the drum bus.

This is an outreach video for Spy Hop used to share with the public and potential participants in their programing.

This piece was used to advertise sparring time at Muay Thai Institute.